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As a member, you can download the SME Portal theme, contributed resources and materials by GPAI member countries and discuss best practices in helping your SMEs to adopt AI.

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Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs), Non-Profit Organizations (NGOs), and government-funded institutions typically employ 80% of a country’s workforce. However, these organizations usually have low AI maturity (AI Unaware – See AI Maturity Index) as they often lack the resources, skills, data, or IT infrastructure to develop and adopt AI solutions. Understanding AI’s capabilities, identifying AI use cases, and applying AI solutions are critical success factors for these organizations and the economies that host them. Early adopters of AI will have a critical advantage from experience with AI applications.

The GPAI “Broad Adoption of AI by SMEs” working group has been working hard to address this issue and promote the widespread adoption of AI.

The AI4SME portal was built as a template that could allow any GPAI member country to customize according to the local context and manage the portal with their appointed portal operator. With the Ai4SME portal, we hope it will:

  • Encourage innovation: SMEs make up a significant proportion of an economy. By providing SMEs with access to AI expertise and solution, this portal can help SMEs to become more innovative
  • Enhance efficiency: AI has the potential to improve efficiency across industries. By encouraging SMEs to adopt AI, SMEs can streamline their current business processes
  • Foster collaboration: the portal will be a platform for collaboration between SMEs and solution providers, promoting partnerships that could lead to new innovations and business opportunities

Portal Objective:

Accelerate adoption of AI by SMEs

SME who are keen to improve their business through the adoption of AI Solutions

Solution Provider who wants to offer their AI solutions and keen to expand their user base.

Supported by:
Portal Operator

Portal operator manage the portal and on-board the Solution Providers

To keep the costs low, the portal was designed with WordPress. The estimated costs of running this portal is US$1500 per year. This excludes the personnel required to setup, operate and maintain the portal.

Portal Features

Platform focused to serve the SMEs and AI Solution Provider.

Simple for the SME to start their AI Adoption journey:

  1. Take the AI Readiness Maturity Assessment.
  2. Find AI use cases from qualified AI Solution Providers.
  3. Contact the AI Solution Provider if there is a match.

SMEs can search for AI use cases and get inspiration to their problem statements.

AI Solution Providers can use this platform to promote themselves, increase sales, visibility. More importantly being on this platform means you have credibility as you would have passed our required standards as an AI Solution Provider.

AI Maturity Index (AIMIND)

AI Maturity Index (AIMIND) is an industry-focused AI readiness assessment framework developed by AI Singapore and contributed to GPAI as part of AI4SME Portal.  It crystallises and distils the critical success factors for AI adoption based on hundreds of engagements AI SIngapore has with companies across different industries, sizes, and AI readiness since 2017.

AIMIND allows business units and organisations to assess their AI readiness and identify the gap between their current and desired state. It enables organisations to understand their suitable approaches to adopt AI and implement targeted programmes to increase AI readiness.

Ultimately, AIMIND translates abstract concepts into concrete actions to help organisations accelerate their AI adoptions.

AI Singapore uses AIMIND (or AIRI) to help our companies identify which of our programmes (and our collaborator’s programmes) can be leveraged to accelerate their AI journey.

Countries adopting AI4SME portal can use AIMIND to design suitable programs for their SMEs. An example of AI Singapore’s programmes for SMEs based on their AI maturity is shown below.