What is the GPAI Portal Plugin?

The GPAI Portal Plugin serves as a unifying interface for third-party plugins, enabling a cohesive and harmonious workflow. It seamlessly integrates ‘Search with Typesense’, ‘Metabox’, and ‘Formidable Form’, forging a collaborative synergy amongst them. In addition, it empowers portal administrators with the flexibility to customize approval, rejection, and pending review email messages, enhancing communication efficiency.

Following are the list of features that GPAI Portal Plugin offers:

  • Add ‘AI Use Case’ to the Typesense Indexing Settings
  • Convert the text to vector for semantic search when indexing to Typesense
  • Synchronizing SPMIND form and User Registration for during SP Registration
  • Generate SPMIND report for Email
  • Send SPMIND Report to Solution Provider & Portal Admin
  • Simplify Application Approval Process
  • 1-click approval and activation link with custom activation email follow up
  • 1-click rejection link with custom rejection email follow up
  • FAQ Page Search Form
  • Group FAQ by Category
  • Pull related use cases on SP Profile from MetaBox plugin
  • Allow to contact solution provider directly from SP Profile
  • Prevent SP from creating Duplicate Company Profile
  • AIMIND & SPMIND Report Styling
  • SPMIND & AIMIND Report (Print Button)
  • Action Hooks & Filters Available For Developers

To download this plugin, go to the member area. If you do not have an account, register an account.

Easy to update

Whenever we have updated the plugin, you will receive a notification to update.