To ensure that everything runs smoothly, you need to have the Typesense server and embedding model API ready. Additionally, you will also need to install the following plugins to enable the GPAI Typesense plugin to function correctly.

1. Search with Typesense

The GPAI Typesense plugin facilitates the integration between Typesense, the vector embedding model (FastAPI), and WordPress, converting search queries into vectors at the frontend and providing an endpoint and API key for access. However, to index collections to Typesense, you need to install the official Typesense plugin called “Search with Typesense.” Without this plugin, data will not be indexed to Typesense. Therefore, it is necessary to have the “Search with Typesense” plugin installed.

2. GPAI Portal Plugin

The Search with Typesense plugin facilitates indexing, while the GPAI Typesense plugin converts search queries into vectors and provides an endpoint and API key for the conversion process. However, the GPAI Typesense plugin does not cover adding new AI Use Cases via the frontend form and indexing. To address these gaps, the GPAI Portal plugin plays a crucial role in bridging the plugins in the GPAI Portal website, including Formidable Form, Metabox, and Typesense, and provides additional functionality to ensure proper portal functioning.